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Glass Drapery Rod Finials

glass drapery rod finials

  • The artistic arrangement of clothing in sculpture or painting

  • curtain: hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)

  • Cloth coverings hanging in loose folds

  • cloth gracefully draped and arranged in loose folds

  • Long curtains of heavy fabric

  • Drapery is a general word referring to cloths or textiles (Old French drap, from Late Latin drappus ). It may refer to cloth used for decorative purposes - such as around windows - or to the trade of retailing cloth, originally mostly for clothing, formerly conducted by drapers.

  • An ornament at the top, end, or corner of an object

  • The finial is an architectural device, typically carved in stone and employed decoratively to emphasize the apex of a gable or any of various distinctive ornaments at the top, end, or corner of a building or structure.

  • (Finial (typography)) In typography, a stroke can end in a number of ways. Examples include: * The Serif, including: ** The regular serif ** The bracketed serif ** The half-serif * The terminal, which is any stroke that does not end in a Serif ** The finial, a tapered or curved end ** The swash,

  • A distinctive ornament at the apex of a roof, pinnacle, canopy, or similar structure in a building

  • (finial) an ornament at the top of a spire or gable; usually a foliated fleur-de-lis

  • furnish with glass; "glass the windows"

  • Any similar substance that has solidified from a molten state without crystallizing

  • A thing made from, or partly from, glass, in particular

  • a container for holding liquids while drinking

  • A hard, brittle substance, typically transparent or translucent, made by fusing sand with soda, lime, and sometimes other ingredients and cooling rapidly. It is used to make windows, drinking containers, and other articles

  • a brittle transparent solid with irregular atomic structure

  • A wand or staff as a symbol of office, authority, or power

  • A slender straight stick or shoot growing on or cut from a tree or bush

  • A thin straight bar, esp. of wood or metal

  • perch: a linear measure of 16.5 feet

  • a long thin implement made of metal or wood

  • any rod-shaped bacterium

Finial B+W

Finial B+W

This is a Black and White Capture of a finial on Iron railings that surround Shrewsbury Castle. The area they are located on is called the Dana walk it takes you around the base of the castle past the Railway Station and over a footbridge to the Town Prison which locals also call The Dana !!

Barton Fence Post Finial

Barton Fence Post Finial

Finial from the post of the wrought iron fence that surrounds Barton Academy. I found the detail fascinating.

glass drapery rod finials

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