1 1 2 inch wood blinds - Bradcot patio awning.

1 1 2 INCH WOOD BLINDS - 1 1 2

1 1 2 inch wood blinds - Bradcot patio awning.

1 1 2 Inch Wood Blinds

1 1 2 inch wood blinds

    wood blinds
  • UpAvailable with 2" or 1" slats wood blinds are the perfect alternative to shutters. Made from basswood or ramin wood they are among the most beautiful and enduring window treatments available today. They are also very good natural insulators.

  • Made from various types of wood, these are popular horizontal blinds.

  • We offer Basswood Blinds in 2” or 2 ?” slats that run horizontally. Real Wood Blinds can be painted or stained. Sometimes referred to as Plantation Blinds.

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IMG 4859

IMG 4859

Conclusion: learned more, and made something fairly useless. Many things are wrong with this, with the two biggest being the out-of-phase dovetails that have the half-blinds peeking out of top and bottom, and the overly-thick stock both in the walls, but I did pick up a few tricks that should help. For example, the Incra DVD/instructions want you to eyeball 'center' for your dovetails, but I'm not good enough at that to get the fit I want. However, their auto-centering ruler used properly makes short work of this. That's probably in the book, too, but I hadn't found it, and just sort of figured it out today.

You set the fence over the bit with a straightedge such that it's just touching, then back off 1/1024" (with the click wheel), so it's not, effectively *just* hiding the bit inside the fence. Then you slide the auto-center ruler to put the bit width under the line. Now you can move to 0, which centers the bit, or you can move to your stock's width, as the marks on the auto-center ruler are all half-length. E.g., an inch is really a half-inch on the ruler, so you don't have to even divide by 2 in your mind. With the 4 extra slots in the positioner, I can leave this ruler in place all the time, and slide it where I need it when I need it. This lets me center up stock for making centered dovetails without doing anything more with the stock than taking a width measurement up front.

Living room view 1

Living room view 1

From the dramatic ceilings ten-feet high, to the stunning Brazilian cherry wood floors underfoot, this living room is nothing short of dramatic. The open floorplan allows for your creativity to shine. 2-inch blinds on the front door are crisp and modern, in keeping with the eye-catching design of the remote-controlled brushed-nickel ceiling fan. A pop of color on one wall offer a fresh perspective on a Craftsman-style classic.

1 1 2 inch wood blinds

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